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Appontment with Nichols

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1 Appontment with Nichols on Thu Apr 02, 2009 8:20 am

Well my follow up appointment went pretty well, all considering. He just reminded me that I have this great tool, and I just need to listen to it and use it...But the thing he said that really made me feel better, was that even though I haven't lost as much weight as I could have, that I haven't failed...and that the surgery wasn't a failure...I had just lost my way, and now that I am back on track, I need to stay on that tract....and no matter what is happening...NO SNACKING...Casey???Don't beat yourself up, just make yourself stop the's so hard to actually do it,, but just think back to where you were before surgery...Is it worth going back there for that snack of anything good or bad...I would say no...and I have to just get it back into my mind frame and habit and not pick up anything to snack, and make sure I am getting enough protein in my 3 meals that will keep me satisfied...not easy, but we all can do it...DIDN'T we do it before surgery after all???
I hope you are healing well from your surgery Casey.....Hope to see everyone at support group this month.. Very Happy

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