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5 day test AND Medications To Avoid After WLS

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15 day test AND Medications To Avoid After WLS Empty 5 day test AND Medications To Avoid After WLS on Tue Apr 13, 2010 11:24 pm

I wanted to post this site so all can see what the 5 Day Test is all about (we have touched on it at our support meetings):

I ENCOURAGE you to look over the day by day plan (click on the READ MORE areas). Most things apply BUT there are a few things that we don't change OUR lifetime rules to follow this plan. Meaning: this is just a test (more of a back to basics guide) to get yourself back on plan. I did it because bad carbs had snuck there way into my day. This IS NOT the pouch test that you want to see what the size of your pouch is (that is the cottage chees or tuna fish test).

Also, this plan says things like "no drinking 30 minutes prior or after your meal" but our Lifetime Rules (W.E.P.N.) from Redding is 1 hour prior, during and after (or 1 hr after if you are farther out). So, take note of those details when reading this plan and I only want to encourage you to do if you are more than a year out. If any sooner, you are still in the weight loss phase and should NOT do this -- as you already are on a plan. This plan is helpful if you are at a plateau or have lost the weight and it is finding you again or if you need a boost to get back on track.

No matter what, still follow the plan that SRMC Bariatric Dept. (what once was), Dr. Stone and Dr. Nichols has set out for us.

Also, anyone interested in the Medications To Avoid After WLS - I will bring a few copies to the meeting this Thursday night (4/15).

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Hey Holly,
would you be able to email that list of medications to avoid?
I haven't been able to get to Redding for the meetings and wasn't there when you brought it in...I am thinking I might be taking something that isn't settling right with my stomach....
Thanks a bunch

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