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1 Exercise....... on Tue Sep 22, 2009 11:41 pm

so I guess I got tasked with presenting something at the next support group about exercise and.... well about exercise, winter and you.
Maybe that'll be the title, who knows.

I'm not really writing about anything particular. The focus for myself is trying to attain a sustainable exercise routine. I need it to be routine. Let me be clear. *I* need it to be routine. I like it being kinda mindless. I don't mind the "work" part of it. I actually rather enjoy it. I LOVE the aftermath... any soreness, tiredness, etc. Endorphines are cool Smile

But how do I get to that point? I can go out and ride my bicycle. It's something I enjoy (usually), but it does get kinda lame and boring relying on the same exercise. Even a routine will need to change. Sure, P90x offers this kind of routine switch-up. Perhaps it's the answer. Is there an answer? Maybe it can't be something fun? Maybe I'm searching for an answer that's either already been answered or I'm just not seeing. Does exercise have to be something that's just mundane that has to happen for 90 or so minutes a day? I don't want to spend all my "free" time exercising. If that's what I have to do in order to maintain my weight... is it really worth it? You answer an emphatic "YES!", but are you thinking about it? In order to be healthy, I have to use my 3 free hours a day to make myself into some sort of work-o-matic machine? What am I gaining from this? "You're Healthy" So? If I can't have time to ENJOY my health, then what's the point?!

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2 Re: Exercise....... on Wed Sep 23, 2009 9:02 pm

You're scaring me, Casey. Who in the world ever said you have to exercise 90 minutes everyday to be healthy/happy/not morbidly obese etc? Even JT has never said that, to me anyway. I can see it if you require 3000 calories a day to be content but if you maintain a 1200 calorie a day intake you need a heck of a lot less than 10.5 hours of weekly cardio to maintain health - like maybe 33 percent of that. A pleasant catch up walk with your sig other every other day would cover most of it. Seems like a far cry from "spending every waking hour exercising" to a "nice stroll with a loved one" but there are a lot of healthy slim people out there that do little more. Maybe we should be setting up some walk dates for everyone. I live across the street from Clover Creek Park on Shasta View. I would be very interested in setting something up there. Seems like Shasta County has many other options as well. I do a lot more walking in the winter than in the summer and love having the park to myself all winter long. Any like minded people out there???


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