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Head Hunger

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1 Head Hunger on Fri Jan 22, 2010 3:51 am

Here is an article on head hunger. I hope it helps.


As discussed last week, the first step in overcoming head hunger is learning to recognize it. Once you have determined which type of craving you're having (emotional/mental vs. physical hunger), you can then make a plan of action.


WAIT IT OUT. As mentioned last week, head hunger comes on quickly and demands to be fed immediately. Therefore, playing the waiting game will help you distinguish between whether you are experiencing head hunger or actual physical hunger. If you still want something 15-20 minutes later, chances are you really are hungry.

DISTRACT YOURSELF. Along the same lines, if you shift your focus to something else, the head hunger will usually pass. Balance your checkbook, make a phone call, or check your e-mail.

EXERCISE. If you are experiencing head hunger and start to exercise, you'll feel better almost instantly.

BRUSH YOUR TEETH OR USE MOUTHWASH. A common signal that you are experiencing head hunger is craving a certain taste. Nothing tastes good after you've gargled with Listerine!

DON’T FEED YOUR FEELINGS, DEAL WITH THEM! If you do determine that there is an emotional reason for your hunger, use a healthy, non-food oriented approach to cope with your feelings. Make a list of several positive coping skills and always keep it handy.

For example:

- Take a walk or exercise
- Call a friend or join an on-line chat
- Brainstorm solutions and problem-solve the issue at hand
- Express your feelings in a journal or online blog
- Take a hot bath
- Meditate or pray
- Create something (art work, music, etc.)
- Play with your pets or kids
- Listen to music or watch a funny movie

Although it is normal to feel emotional from time to time, if you can't shake your mood within two weeks, or it is interfering with your life, you should consider talking to your doctor or consulting with a mental health professional.

PAY ATTENTION. Head hunger may involve “mindless” or unconscious eating. Therefore, always use the “table rule.” Only allow yourself to eat while sitting at a table without any distractions (i.e. television, computer, newspaper). Measure out what you are going to eat beforehand and always use utensils.

REMOVE TRIGGER FOODS. Head hunger can be triggered by the sight or smell of food. Avoid stocking the cupboard or refrigerator with comfort foods. Consider more healthful comfort foods such as a cup of low-calorie tomato soup, high protein hot chocolate, or cup of tea.

WHEN ALL ELSE FAILS, USE MODERATION. Remember, we are human and no one is perfect 100% of the time. If you decide to satisfy your craving, do so on a smaller scale. Take out a serving of what you want and put the rest away (i.e. a square of chocolate instead of a bar).

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2 Re: Head Hunger on Sat Jan 23, 2010 6:37 am

Great info. Thank you for sharing it.


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