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Getting back on track.

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26 Re: Getting back on track. on Thu Feb 11, 2010 12:21 am

I think it's great that you "journal'd" your pouch test.
It's great for those of us to read later and use as a crutch.

Myself - I'm still spinning out of control.

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27 OH MY!!!! on Sat Mar 06, 2010 1:01 am

Ok Mike! I finally read your count by count ...
at first I could identify,
next came eye rolling,
now my tummy hurts so hard from laughing!!!

I am so sorry for your pain!!! Really I am. I had no idea what torture this was for you. I thought it was rough the 1st 2 days, but WOW!!! I am so sorry I laughed (howled even)! I know it's not nice, but reading this DID make my day. I do remember the pain too!!!

I have been so sick the last 3 days, I finally have made it up to my computer to check emails and thought I would log on. Oh my!

So sorry, really I am....
Razz lol!

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28 Re: Getting back on track. on Sat Mar 06, 2010 1:06 am

I'm pleased that you found the humor that I intended. . . Laughing is always the best medicine and never a problem as far as I'm concerned. Sorry you haven't felt well and I hope your fundraiser was successful. Hope to see you soon.


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