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Bariatric Vitamins - Is Optisource the best?

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1Bariatric Vitamins - Is Optisource the best? Empty Bariatric Vitamins - Is Optisource the best? on Fri Jun 05, 2009 7:56 pm

So I was out looking for a way to buy a larger quantity (to save us money) of Optisource and share the cost amongst whomever wanted to join in.

During this search, I found Bariatric Fusion. I hope to get some answers from Jojo on the validity of it and to see how she thought it compared to Optisource.

The website is:

Oh nos... something new! affraid

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I got a neat comparison I made in excel of the two and their nutritional values.
I'm trying to get it posted here.

but I heard back from JoJo and she said her concern is with the Bariatric Fusion not having Vitamin K. That's a problem for new patients that can't eat green veggies.

I might try some to see how the taste is and if it's any different.


My expectation here was to find a vitamin just as good that is easier to find in bulk, so we could split the cost and get our much needed life supplements at a discount.

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