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Casey and Mike, you might get a kick out of this

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First off, I missed everyone thursday at group...i wasn't able to get gas money to make it down the hill. I am doing good...Reached one of my "big" goals this past week. I had slowly made myself little goals, and when i reached one I would make a little bigger one...well my "big" goal was to get to under 200lbs..I hadn't seen that number since high when I got on the scale last week and the lost numbers were under 200 I cried...well I am actually 193....this has been the best time in my life...
Here is what I think would make Mike and Casey chuckle...Monday (10/19) I was making dinner and dropped my cutting board on my left hurt dead center between my middle toe and ring toe...was feeling okay tuesday morning,, and then by tuesday after noon it was bruisisng and swelling, went to ER and I fractured all 3 joints in my ring toe and now have to hear a huge black splint on my left foot..
Just thought I would give everyone a little chuckle for the week,

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