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Guess this is the best place to be honest..or until you all comfront me tonight

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Razz First off I hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Year....Mine suched but that's not the main reason for this posting. I have always gotten so much out of our meetings, but I feel like I have been such a "fake" lately..."oh yeah I am doing that and what the program directs me to do.." In my heart and mind it's been all "crap" and I am so sorry for putting up a "fake" me over these past few months...Some of you know what has been going on and some don' it is in a nutshell....moved out, filed for divorce, struggling to live and have money to eat...and really see the truth of the person I was married to for 8 yrs...I have just felt the worst over the last few months worse then EVER in my life......I really don't know if I would be a good person to have at these meetings lately...I am so depressed and have just lost all desire to keep the weight I have lost off...and to keep going...last months meeting a few of the ladies asked me to stay and talk to them If I needed too...I really needed it but was so ashamed of what I had become...I hope you all can forgive me for not being honest to you all...
I am hoping to try and make the meeting tonight because more now than ever do I need you guys...
Thanks for being a wonderful group of friends to me... Embarassed

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Life is always screwing with us Dawn.. and it's thrown a curve ball, you just gotta keep at it. I'm not gonna tell you "it'll be ok" or that kinda stuff. I'm in the same boat. I went all OCD on eating (of all damn things) and now find myself with damn near half the pounds I took off. Really? -> that's what I've been saying to myself. That's what has made me depressed now. If it's not one thing it's another. I'll come out of this. I'll figure it out.

It wasn't too long ago that I was facing the same type stuff. Divorce, my X was an adultress bitch who took everything except the credit bills and blah blah...

point is... I had to find a way out of it. We can all give pointers and encouragement, but it's up to you to take the steps. Same with me and my weight gain. I have to get my head back in it and get to where I wanna go.
I've set a goal now and am working on getting there. =)

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I'm pretty sure this is how it is suppose to work. Some of us are in a rough patch but we go to meetings and we see some long term success folks and some short term newbies doing great and we get back on track and work through the rough times. . . What could be easier???


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